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 Maps and Charts

Weather and Flight Planning

Canada Flight Planning
USA Flight Planning
Infrared Satellite

 3D Terrain

3D Terrain [Experimental]

Note: This terrain software requires approximately 400MB of space for required terrain features plus the selected region terrain data file selected below. This demo will use existing offline high res satellite imagery if it is available. Please download these offline areas using the existing maps and charts module.


This is an experimental module and is not currently intended for IFR or VFR navigational use.

Setup Options

Select Desired Region To Launch

United States


Europe / Africa

Oceania Regions



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 Satellite Images

Canadian Satellite


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 Prog Charts

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 Passenger Manifesting

 Brief Passengers

 Select Passengers to Brief

 Manage Passenger Briefings & Custom Fields

 Manage Passenger Briefing Forms

 Passenger Manifests


 New Manifest

 Passenger Manifesting

Passenger List

 New Passenger

Detailed Passenger Information

 Contact Details

 Passenger Details


 Passenger Custom Fields

Passenger Custom Fields

 Edit Aircraft Briefing Form

 Aircraft Safety Briefing Form

 Flight Following

Aircraft Status List

Retrieving Data...

Edit Itinerary

Itinerary Status

You do not have permission to edit Itineraries

Weight & Balance

File Attachments

Attached Files

Flight Details

Emergency Items

Leg Fuel Plan Details

New Flight

Select an aircraft for this flight

New Flight | C-IDENT

Verify Technical Dispatch

New Flight | C-IDENT

Select installed optional equipment

New Flight | C-IDENT

Input weight distribution

Weight & Balance Graph

Optional / Standard Equipment

New Flight | C-IDENT

Review Weight & Balance Summary

New Flight | C-IDENT

Record any Dangerous Goods (Optional)

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New Flight | C-IDENT

Record any Company Assets (Optional)

New Flight | C-IDENT

Fatigue Risk Management Status

New Flight | C-IDENT

Attach a Route Map (Optional)

New Flight | C-IDENT

Input travel itinerary

Clients & Jobs

File Attachments

Flight Details

Emergency Items

Custom Fields

New Flight | C-IDENT

Operational Flight Plan

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New Flight | C-IDENT

Finalize Flight

New Flight | C-IDENT

Cirro successfully logged your flight!

Leg Details

Leg Number 1

Risk Assessment

New Flight | C-IDENT

Finalize Flight


Input Units

Fuel Reserve

Waypoint Summary

Leg Number 1

Weight and Balance

No Aircraft

Density Alt Calc

Enter Values


Air Temperature

Altimeter Setting

Dew Point

Calculation Results

Density Altitude
Absolute Pressure
Relative Density

Leg Number 1

Flight Plan

Weight and Balance

Optional / Standard Equipment

Show Full WB Summary

Equipment List Details

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 Weight and Balance Maintenance

 Equipment Kit Item List

 Equipment List

Filter List

Edit Equipment


Aircraft List

Edit Aircraft

AC Weight and Balance

Rebuilding Standby


- Create Custom Aircraft

Create New Aircraft Type


- Create Custom Aircraft

Longitudinal Graph Limits

Start graph in bottom left hand corner and enter coordinates clockwise


- Create Custom Aircraft

Lateral Graph Limits (Optional)

Start graph in bottom left hand corner and enter coordinates clockwise


- Create Custom Aircraft

Aircraft Seating

Start with forward left seat moving left to right, front to back. Then select seating position to indicate pilot seat.

Max Weight (lbs)Arm Long (Inches)Arm Lat [-Left] [+Right] (Inches)

- Create Custom Aircraft

Baggage Areas

Start with forward left baggage compartment moving left to right, front to back.

Max Weight (lbs)Arm Long (Inches)Arm Lat [-Left] [+Right] (Inches)

- Create Custom Aircraft

Fuel Tank


 Status: Online

Input Options

Setup Flight Duty

Setup Logbook

 Import Cirro FDT file

Administration - Home



WinAir Options

WinAir: Aicraft Flight Log Volume / Page Settings

Displaying the most recent Volume & Page number recorded in Cirro

System Labels

System Label Options

Scheduler Options

Scheduler Options

Scheduler Roles

Update Pilot FDT

Standard passenger Weights

Passenger Weights

Administration Tools

Flight Template List

Itinerary Alerting Thresholds

Warning to Pilots

Tier 1 Alerting

Tier 2 Alerting

Tier 3 Alerting

Manage Clients / Enterprises

Client List

Billing and Invoicing Options

Invoice Numbering

Note: The next Invoices number will be automatically incremented by 1. There are currently no checks to ensure a unique invoice number is created.

Company Information

Contact Info

Restrict User Functionality

Custom Field Collection

Invoice Adjustments

Invoice Footers and Logos

Flight Report Templates

Select Flight Report Template

Quoting Footers


Spot Devices

Add New Spot Device

Fuel Caches


Enter Fuel Cache Information

Waypoint Lists


Point Options


Line Options


Polygon Options


Administration - Reports

Available Reports


Report Type


Report Type

Leg Fuel Plan Details


Chart Type

Other Data

Fire Forecast
Forest Fires
NA Radar


Metar + TAF


IFR Data

Downloading: *.mbtiles 1 MB / 1MB - 100%
Text Here

Dangerous Goods

Select Types of Operation

 TDG Manifest

TDG Manifest

No Items

 Add DG


 Detailed Information

 Emergency Response

 Emergency Response

 Acceptance Checklist

TDG Settings

Edit TDG Users

TDG Consignor List

TDG Consignor Details

Field Gear List

Sends email notifications when the item is pending expiry, or has expired

Sends email notifications when the item is approaching, or has exceeded inspection interval limits

 Sign Here

 Flight Risk Assessments

 Risk Assessment Admin

Company Options

 Edit Form

 Edit Question

Risk Mitigation Options

 Risk Assessment

Complete Risk Assessment

 Risk Assessment

 Risk Mitigation

Personal Itinerary

Personal Itin Status List


Personal Itinerary Details



Enter Vehicle Information

Vehicle Reports

Vehicle Report


Select some criteria to get corrective actions.

Date Type
Start Date
End Date


Order and filter retrieved corrective actions.

Corrective Actions

List of corrective actions available for filtering.

Connected Data

Original Problem

The problem this corrective action is addressing

Connected Consequence

The consequence this corrective action is connected to


How the corrective action was handled over its lifetime


Edit Departments

Edit your company's SMS departments.


Form Templates




Reporting Policy

Formulate a reporting policy as required by law.

Safety Policy

Formulate a safety policy as required by law.

Policy File

Provide up to three pdf documents containing your policies

Responsible Executive

Person and Portrait

Select the responsible executive and upload their portrait.

Sanction Policies

Please have the responsible executive sign these policies here to approve them.

Situational Instructions

Set instructions for your employees to follow depending on the outcome of a risk assessment.

High Risk:
Medium Risk:
Low Risk:

Goals and Objectives

Objective Details

Create, edit or complete objectives and goals you've set for safety management.

Completed Objectives

These objectives are being shown as completed in your SMS.

There are no policies set yet or they are not approved.

Safety Management Policies

Responsible Executive

Safety Policy

Reporting Policy

Policy Documents

Safety Management Objectives


Basic Settings

Fundamental options for reports.

Terms for Corrective Actions

Set default values for the terms in days

Immediate Term:
Short Term:
Medium Term:
Long Term:

Keyword Management

Basic Settings

Fundamental options for keywords.

Add Keywords

Enhance your keyword database.

Blacklist Keywords

Clean up your Keyword Database

Replace Keywords

Clean up your Keyword Database

Replace this:
The Keywords entered here will be replaced and blacklisted.
Replace with:
The Keyword entered here will replace the ones above.

Manage Keyword Categories

Categories help organize keywords.

General Information

Report Metadata

Information provided by the system about this report

Report ID:


Summarize the occurrence hazard

Flight Information

Filed between:
Title and ID:
Report Type:
Observed: Occured:

Admin Options

Checking this box will hide this report from everyone at your company. This means that even once it has been approved and is being mitigated, the only people being able to see it will be:
  • administrators
  • the head of the department this report is being submitted to
  • the people you choose below
  • the people assigned to corrective actions of this report
Give Review Access:

Occurrence Hazard Information

Occurrence Hazard Description

Describe the occurrence hazard in detail

Suggestions and Actions Taken

Do you have suggestions on how to solve the problem? Did you already do something about it?


What are likely consequences of leaving the hazard in its current state?


Add photos to document the occurrence hazard .


Add documents to the occurrence hazard .


Enter some fitting keywords.

Report Summary

Risk Matrix

Please note the risk score

Error: Risk Matrix Failed to load


Please follow these instructions:

No Instructions


How the report was handled over its lifetime


Select a stage to load reports from the server.


Order and filter retrieved reports.


List of reports available for filtering.

Axis Labels and Bounds

Risk Axis Titles

Write some labels for the Risk Axis of your Risk Matrix

Highest Risk Axis Label:
High Risk Axis Label:
Lower Bound:
Medium Risk Axis Label:
Lower Bound:
Low Risk Axis Label:
No Risk Axis Label:

Frequency Axis Titles

Write some labels for the Frequency Axis of your Risk Matrix

Frequency Question:
Highest Frequency Label:
High Frequency Label:
Medium Frequency Label:
Low Frequency Label:
Lowest Frequency Label:

Resulting Risk Matrix

This is a preview of your matrix.

Risk Matrix failed to load.

Edit Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Risk Factors allow the estimation of Risks with rich detail.


Approval Monitoring

Create rules to monitor approved reports.

Graphic Monitoring

Data Selection

Type in some keywords and/or choose a report type to see how their use has developed.

Report Type
There is no data available for your filter settings.


The graph created from your selected data

Graph Type

 Client List

 Archived Client List

 New / Edit Client

Primary Contact

Flight Report: Display Hobbs Tracking Summary

Note: This is displayed for information purposes only and does not affect billing options.

Itinerary: Client PDF Form

 Client Account Balances

Balance Action

 Account Balance

 New / Edit Client Custom Fields

 Edit Custom Field

Custom Field Options

Checkbox Default State

Used For

Billable Item Options

 Client Job List

Job Status

 New / Edit Job

Enter Job Details

Primary Contact

Bill Customer By

Leg Collection Options

 New / Edit Job

Add Aircraft

 New / Edit Job

Add Crew to Job




Selected Job


Select Category


Enter the details

Paid By

 View Expense

Flight Reports

 Aircraft Times

Update Aircraft Times

 Sign Here

 Modification and Email History

 Sign Here

 Flight Description

Describe itinerary

Total Flight Hours To Bill

Add Crew Members

 Flight Legs

Record flight legs

 Update Field Gear

Update Field Gear

 Review and Sign

Review Flight Report

Add Flight Report File Attachment (5MB max filesize)

Flight Report Email Options

 Sign Here



 New Invoice

 New Invoice

Select Flight Reports

 New Invoice

Select Expenses

 New Invoice

Select Quotes

 New Invoice

Confirm Invoice Items

 New Invoice

Complete Invoice

 Invoice Preview

 Admin Expenses


 View Expense

 Process Expenses

Confirm the details

Paid By

Is this a reimbursable expense?

Is this a billable expense?



 New / Edit Job

Enter Quote Details

Custom Quoting Fields

 Manage Quoting Fields

 Edit Quoting Field

 Quoted Aircraft

Add Aircraft

 Travel Legs

Add Travel Legs

Common Legs

Unique Legs per Aircraft

 Travel Legs

Leg Details

Leave Airport ICAO and Airport Name fields blank if flight is to non airport location.
At a minimum Cruise (knt) and Distance (nm) should be entered to use this tool.
Origin and Destinations dates and times will automatically update appropriately based on ETE field

Airport ICAO
Airport Name
Date (UTC)
Time (UTC)
Date (Local)
Time (Local)
Taxi Time (minutes)

Travel Stats

Aircraft Billing

Aircraft Billing Rate
Aircraft Rate
Tax Rate

Additional Per Leg Charges

 Finalize Quote

Review Quote

Review Quote Details

 Sign Here

 View Quote

Home Page - Settings

Favourite Modules

Favourite Modules will be prioritized on the home page.

Send Booking Email Reminders

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